Fuel for Schools hits $750,000

Sheffield Primary School, Canterbury

Southfuels is a New Zealand Bulk Fuel supplier, who’s unique Fuel for Schools programme, is a simple and easy way in which locals are able to give back to schools in their communities. Southfuels have already distributed $750,000 to schools throughout New Zealand in the last eight years, and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

This is all possible thanks to their local communities whom are purchasing their bulk fuel from Southfuels & Northfuels and opting to be part of the Fuel for Schools. The programme is very simple, for every 100L of bulk fuel that is delivered by Southfuels, 50 cents is given back to the customers nominated school, the balance accrues and once it reaches $1000 the schools can redeem from the over 40 packages on offer.

Fuel for School Coordinator, Alanna Taylor said “The programme was developed as a way for us to support and give back, to the predominantly rural communities in which we operate. We couldn’t reward so many without the wonderful support from those supporting us. On average we are presenting thirty packages nationwide every three months and the joy and appreciation received from both the students and teachers when presented, brings a real sense of pride to us all.”

For more information about our programme call your local Account Manager or contact their Head Office 0800 99 99 89.

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