Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Here at Southfuels and Northfuels your email security is important to us.

There are a number of sophisticated email scammers that are actively looking to deceive you into divulging your information, or changing the ways you make payments for your purchases.

The fraudsters are looking to gain information or money through this deception and depending on how much personal information the scamming receives, they may have enough information to carry out virtual identity theft.

How to spot a scam email

When you receive an email asking you to pay a recent invoice, please check the email details carefully. Genuine Southfuels emails always use an or suffix.  As a company we will never ask you for your login details or advise you of a change to our bank account via email.

If your receive an email that looks suspicious and or asks for a change of information, do not complete any changes or follow any links the email suggests you open.

If you have received and completed a change of bank account request

The email will be a clever copy of a Southfuels or Northfuels invoice, but will require you to make a change of bank account before payment is made. We will never advise of a bank account change via email.

If you have recently made a change of bank account details for our invoices, we strongly recommend you:

  1. Contact your bank immediately and have them stop any payments that may have been made.
  2. Contact Southfuels/ Northfuels on 0800 99 99 89 (24 hrs)
  3. Report the email to your local Police cyber-crime division.

Do not delete the email. Instead, put it in your junk mail folder in case the Police need it for further examination.

Helpful resources

Read advisories on the following websites:

Remember:  IDCARE, Australia and New Zealand’s national identity and cyber support service, is available should you need to talk with someone about this crime, link) or 0800 201 415.


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