Waitomo Adventures

Tell us a bit about your operation? What is it that your business does?

We are an Adventure Tourism company. We take our clients caving in any of several major cave systems that we manage here at Waitomo Caves.

Where do the majority of your clientele come from?

International tourists make up the largest percentage of our customers. Approximately 80% of our customers are from overseas with British being the largest at 35%.

Have you always been in this industry?

Yes, we established the company 25 years ago in 1987.

How differently do you run your operation now compared to when you started out?

Nowadays there is a lot more paperwork and a lot more staff involved.

What makes a successful business in your industry?

The ability to relate to your customers.

4 words that would best describe doing business in New Zealand?

We do things differently.

Quick fire questions:

Use 1080 to control possums?

No way.

Sonny Bill Williams, good riddance or good luck?

Show pony, but we wish him luck.

You have to spend 3 days with Prime Minister John Key doing this… which one would you choose? Cooking school in France, big game fishing in Fiji or camel racing in Egypt?

Camel racing in Egypt.

Which do you prefer – golf , hunting, cooking?


Have you had any famous people on any trips?

Yes we have. Including Tom Cruise, Holly Hunter, Billy Connelly, Jim Bolger, Helen Clarke, Steve Wozniak (Co-founder of Apple)also the Oxford and Cambridge rowing teams.