Andrew & Angela Fleming

How long have you been farming?

I started farming back in 1992, so around 21 years.

How many acres do you currently farm?

We have 1000 acres split over two properties.

How many cows are you milking?

We have 700 cows that we are milking at present, over the two farms.

How did you get into farming?

I was brought up on the family farm, always having to help out as kids, so I always had an interest in farming. I tried my hand at carpentry for a while, before returning to the family farm in Taranaki, with the ultimate goal to purchase my own dairy farm.

What districts have you previously farmed? 

Well, started in Taranaki on the family farm before purchasing a farm at Tepora, which is 20kms west of Wellsford, then buying the farm we are currently on now at Te Aria Point just out of Mangawhai.

What do you prefer rugby or fishing?

I would have say it would be 50/50 on those two, mostly however just out there to enjoy life.