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Where are you based and what is your operation?

We have network of nine dairy farm properties throughout Northland.

How long has Pinney Farms used Total Products?

We have been associated with Northfuels for the past two years having our diesel and 91 delivered. This is when we pursued Total Oil’s through Northfuels.

How has the experience been for Pinney Farms?

The service has been above average, all I need to do is contact my Territory Manager in Northland, place the order through Rob and the oils arrive at the designated address that we prefer.

What do you think of the Total product?

The Total product is brilliant. Totally recommend (excuse the Pun) the products that Total supply to anyone else in the farming and forestry industry.

How many farms does the Total product cover also how many vehicles?

We are currently using the Total product across 8 farms and service 16 tractors, 2 trucks, 1 bulldozer, 3 utes, numerous quads and two wheeler motorbikes, not to mention the pumps in the dairy sheds.