Ross Alexander – Alexander Ag Ltd

Alexander Ag Ltd is based in Te Ahuahu Road, Ohaeawai, Northland.   Ross is married to Pamela, and they have two children.  Ross is a proud supporter of Ohaeawai School through our Fuel for Schools programme.

What are the main services that you provide?

The mainstay of our business is agricultural contracting.  We specialise in the cultivation of maize and grass silage.  We also do under sowing,  and we can contract out maize growing.

How long have you been operating for?

We set up the Ag contracting business in 1993.

What gear do you have to provide service to your customers?

We have 10 tractors and two harvesters.  The plant is a mix of John Deere, Fendt and Claas.

Who does your service work?

We do about 90% of our own service work, even on the machines under warranty. The remaining 10% is usually when we’re flat out and can’t fix it ourselves. I’ve come from a motorbike service technician background, and we have another qualified tech on the team to help.

How many are on the team here?

At the peak of the season, we have up to twelve on the team, in the quiet times we’re down to four.

What is the biggest challenge that you’re currently faced with?

Any business has challenges, the biggest that we are managing is climate challenges. We’ve had three dry summers mixed in with big rainfall dumps. This makes it a challenge to plan for the next seasons work.

What do you like to do on your down time?

I enjoy fishing and getting out on my Harley for a ride.  Any other spare time is taken up with family, and if time allows, a bit of motocross riding.

If you were to start over, what would you do differently?

I would invest in land at an earlier age.

Finally, You are holding a BBQ and can invite anyone, (living or not). Who would you ask?

Peter Brock, Michael Doohan, Travis Pastrana, Pink and my mother.