Sandy Shirtcliff

How long have you been operating?

We started with a digger and a truck about 17 odd years ago. While business was steady everyman and his dog seemed to be able to purchase a digger and start to compete for local business.

This turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as we realised we were going to need to diversify in order to maintain a healthy business. We then discovered some really good sand at the Rakaia River which has allowed us to develop the aggregate supply part of our business; this has now been in operation for about 5 years & compliments our Excavation business. Meaning we are more focused on supplying other Excavation businesses with all their aggregate requirements

How large has your operation become?

The aggregate side of our business has now out grown excavating, we now employee 2 full time drivers and have other casual staff that we can call on when needed.  Leanne, my wife is covering all admin duties with our son Cody helping on weekends and holidays.

How long have you been with Southfuels?

Around two years now. It was a pretty simple decision; they were able to offer some great storage solutions at a savings over my last supplier, and seem to be more active in our local community than other suppliers.

What do you value about your relationship with Southfuels?

We get Fly Buys points with every purchase which Leanne loves. Its also great how they make a donation every quarter in our name to the local school, again supporting the local community.