Excise Tax Refunds

Excise tax is unique to petrol and is NZTA’s way of getting the public to fund roading projects. If you buy and use petrol off road within your business then you may be eligible for a excise tax refund.

You can claim back $0.76c +GST per litre on the last two years worth of use and then claim ongoing every quarter after that. Every time you fill up your tank or jerry can, you may be due a excise tax refund.

Claiming is simple and can be done one of two ways;

  • Complete the documentation yourself through the NZTA website on a quarterly basis.  We will send your quarterly summary to enable you to complete this process.
  • Alternatively we have teamed up with Catalyst Fuel Refunds who can assist you with this process.  Registration is Free and they offer a no refund, no fee policy.  As a result of this partnership they can access all your purchase information directly from us, and you don't need to lift a finger hunting out old receipts.   Catalyst are our preferred refund agent who we recommend to all our customers.  Find out more information here.
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