Fuel Filters

Did you know that Southfuels & Northfuels can supply you with a full range of parts and filters for your fuel storage tank? Regular tank maintenance and the correct filtration is the key to keeping your fuel free from contaminants and protecting yourself from incurring costly repair bills.

All tanks should have at least one filter that is changed regularly; there are two common types of fuel filters as pictured below.









The most common being the 10 micron filter (NS10) which is designed to remove particles from fuel, this is suitable for both diesel and petrol. The Piusi clear captor water filter will remove both particles and moisture (condensation) from your diesel, this is ideal if you are running late model diesel machinery or vehicles out of your storage tank. Today’s common rail diesel engines do not like any moisture (condensation)!

Apart from being bad for the environment and making a mess around your tank, dripping and leaking hoses can be costly. On average a dripping hose could leak up to about 250Lts of fuel each year. We can have hoses, filters and parts for your tank sent out to you directly,  for more information and pricing on our range of parts and filters please call us directly.