David Sinclair – Consag Contracting & Engineering

David Sinclair 3

Can you tell us a little about your business?

I run a contracting business we cover everything from Silage and Agricultural work, through to cartage, engineering repairs and maintenance, we can do anything really.   I have covered all of Southland in my time however now we focus more on the local Dipton area and out over towards Tuatapere, Mossburn etc.

What did you do before starting the company?

I have been engineering since I was 16.  I started out contracting in 1969, and in 1982 I went out on my own.

How long have you been using Total Lubricants?                                 

We have been using Total for about 2 years.

What gear are you these products on?                                 

We use it in all our Equipment – Trucks, Tractors, Diggers, Silage Chopper & Utes

Tell me what you like about the Total products you use?    

It does the job required, and at a good price.

Would you recommend and how does the service (delivery) and technical advice compare what you were using?       

Yes I would recommend Total Oils.  The delivery service and technical advice available is excellent.